A Macro-Trend I Stand By

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Teaching each other that a responsibility to respect the environment and avoid dishonest practices begs the question: Are we as conscience as we think we are? What is a responsibly ethically minded consumer these days? Engineering-conscientious consumerism by instilling a value set based on sustainable practices and brand ethos.

Will we ever be able to favorable buy wood from sustainable forest?

My mission, in regards to selling high-end items for children, is part of early education in getting children less things that are more thoughtfully created... and not just an expensive label marketed towards parental vanity. Given that slow fashion is rising in opposition of throw-away fashion, are we as designers targeting the market as a whole or only honing in on demographics that we see as most profitable? I don't think that people can educate a child simply by offering well-made heritage goods to their parents. It is incumbent on the family unit to invest in a mindset of abundance and place more value on the objects they curate for their progeny.

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